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A Force, Not a Feeling

December 3, 2017 | Rev. Julia Hamilton As Ken Ryals and I were sitting in his office, picking out the hymns for this morning’s service, I realized that I was gravitating toward songs singing the  praises of the natural world, toward alleluias for the myriad beauties of the earth. I hope you enjoyed singing these… Read more »

Loving the Hell Out of the World

Rev. Julia Hamilton | November 12 , 2017 Clouds heavy with love Showered me with wild abundance. Inside me, my soul was drenched. Around me, even the desert grew green. Kabir was a 15th century poet and mystic from India. Raised in a Muslim family, he later became a Hindu, or perhaps it is better to… Read more »

Doctrine of Discovery

Rev. Julia Hamilton | October 9, 2017 In the statement of the core principles affirmed by Unitarian Universalism, “the Free and Responsible search for truth and meaning.” is listed as number four. Taking this principle seriously can be very difficult, because it asks us to be both free and responsible. It points to an expansive… Read more »

Playing with Place

“Playing with Place” Rev. Caitlin S. Cotter | July 30, 2017 One of my favorite parts of being your Minister of Congregational Life and Learning is that I get to lead Family Circles on first Sundays during the school year. These Family Circles are an opportunity for children and their caregivers to come together and… Read more »

Play’s the Thing

“Play’s the Thing” By Rev. Caitlin S. Cotter | July 23, 2017 When was the last time you saw a live theater performance? For some of us that may be a painful question, given the price of tickets in this town. But I hope everyone has had some opportunity to see a play of some sort… Read more »

The Practice of Play

“Playing Around: The Practice of Play” By Rev. Caitlin S. Cotter | July 16, 2017 One of the best things about summer, in my mind, is the unexpected adventures. Last week I had a free day in Denver after my family reunion, and a colleague friend who lives there invited my spouse and I to the… Read more »


“REFLECTION” By Worship Associate Marisa Pasquini | July 9, 2017 I am a self-proclaimed neatnik. Few things make me happier than having a clean, organized home, which looks a little like this: walking through my front door, seeing shoes placed into, not next to, the basket meant for shoes. The throw pillows on the sofa… Read more »

Rejoice and Resist

“Rejoice and Resist” By Rev. Caitlin S. Cotter | July 2, 2017 Last Sunday Rev. Julia and I, along with a good chunk of our Youth Group, were far away in steamy New Orleans for the 2017 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly — gathered with 3,000 other Unitarian Universalists to do the work of Unitarian Universalism. We… Read more »

Sun in Drag

“Sun in Drag” By Rev. Caitlin S. Cotter | June 18, 2017 Last month I talked about how our American Unitarian Heritage is steeped in a deep love and respect for learning and education, how Unitarians have historically believed that people are good and can be even better. I mentioned in passing that we also have… Read more »

God and Country

“God and Country” By Rev. Julia Hamilton | June 11, 2017 In 2014, the United States Supreme Court ruled that a company, Hobby Lobby, did not have to provide contraceptive coverage to its employees because of the religious beliefs held by its owners. In the arguments, the Court cited the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act,… Read more »