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Learners Welcome Here

“LEARNERS WELCOME HERE: Embodying Unitarian Universalism” By Rev. Caitlin S. Cotter | Preached May 28, 2017 On the 14th of September in 1997, at the Emmy Award Night in Pasadena, Rev. Fred Rogers was awarded a lifetime achievement award. You may remember his show, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, that long running public television program that reminded its… Read more »

Free to Geek

“Free to Geek” By Rev. Caitlin S. Cotter | Preached April 30, 2017 One of the questions people often have about Unitarian Universalism when they first learn about us is what our holy book is. The thing is, just like we don’t have a creed as Unitarian Universalists, no brief authoritative formula of religious belief that… Read more »

The Legacy of the Heretic

Sunday, March 26, 2017 “The Legacy of the Heretic” | Rev. Julia Hamilton One of the rarest books in the world today is titled “Christianismi Restitutio,” The Restoration of Christianity. Published in 1553, it was the last book written by Michael Servetus, and it was the book that was strapped to his arm as he… Read more »


Sunday, March 19, 2017 “Sanctuary” | Rev. Julia Hamilton I know people here in Santa Barbara, and in other cities, too, people whose lives are bounded by fear. Day to day, they live lives much like many of us. They go to work, they go shopping, they create art, they cook dinner, they pursue their… Read more »

The Problem with Superman

SUNDAY, MARCH 5, 2017 “THE PROBLEM WITH SUPERMAN” | REV. JULIA HAMILTON I was once given a little hanging decoration, one of those sort of artsy things with wires and beads and a suction cup that attaches to your window. It said, in silvery flowing script, “Leap and the net shall appear!” But I’m not… Read more »

Words of Resistance

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2017 “Words of Resistance: Tact, Kindness, and What We Say” Rev. Caitlin Cotter When I was a teenager I kept a hand-lettered sign on my wall that read, “Tact is not saying the right thing at the right moment, but refraining from saying the wrong thing at the tempting moment.” This was a… Read more »

Greater than the Sum of Our Fears

Sunday, November 6, 2016 “Greater than the Sum of Our Fears” Rev. Julia Hamilton What a week it’s been. What a week it’s been, my friends. Here we are, on the eve of the presidential election, arguably one of the most bizarre and tumultuous election cycles this nation has ever seen. Here we are, a nation divided along… Read more »

Who Do We Come From?

SUNDAY, October 16, 2016 “Who Do We Come From?” Rev. Caitlin Cotter I think it’s so appropriate, today, to have rested for a moment in the beauty of a song about gratitude. Because we have so much we can thank our ancestors for, those who have helped form us into the people who we are today,… Read more »

Sacred Economics

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2016 “Sacred Economics” Rev. Caitlin Cotter Money means a lot of different things to different people at different times. For some it comes with shame, or hope, or a sense of satisfaction. Maybe money is something you’ve never had to worry about, maybe it’s something you’ve struggled with or for all your life…. Read more »

Stepping Out

SUNDAY, AUGUST 28, 2016 “Stepping Out” REV. Julia Hamilton I am a big fan of mindfulness. Mindfulness — the practice of being here, now. Of experiencing, without judgment, the world as it is right in front of you. Breathing. Being. It’s part of what we do together here each week, learning to be present to our lives… Read more »