Children’s RE Needs Your Donations!

One of the things I love most about being part of this loving community is that I can take pride in our capacity to welcome and support friends and members of USSB. Unfortunately, the Santa Barbara rat community caught word of this and set themselves up in our RE supply storage.

We lost nearly everything!

All of our Valentine’s craft supplies, all of our natural baskets, all of our blankets, candles, fabric, wreath-making supplies, natural bird feeder materials, some costumes, games, and picnic supplies…

This year you will notice that we are asking families enrolling in Children’s RE to contribute a Materials Donation. This is a monetary contribution to support our program.

The materials donation helps to cover expenses for snacks and classroom/activity supplies. Please make checks payable to USSB (indicate “RE materials” in the memo line) or make a credit card payment in our front office.

Children’s RE, Childcare through eighth grade: suggested donation of $50 per family, USSB members; $100 per family, non-members.

YRUU, ninth through twelfth grade: suggested donation of $50 per child, USSB members; $125 per child, non-members.

All funds will go directly toward purchasing books, craft supplies, activity materials, classroom supplies, Sunday snacks, and food for special CRE events. We kindly ask that you reach for what you can as we embark on the costly quest to rebuild our selection of RE materials and plan for the coming year. If you’re interested in donating goods as well, we are in need of the following:

Soccer and playground balls, Frisbees, handheld bean bags and other outdoor activities/games

  • Craft paper for origami, decoupage, collage, and scrapbooking
  • Valentine’s craft supplies (stickers, doilies, etc.)
  • Blankets (used for picnics, outdoor classroom, fort building, etc.)
  • Decorative, natural baskets for organizing/storage and holding craft materials

If you have something that you think CRE might be able to use, but don’t see it on the list above, let’s talk!

— Jena Foster, Director of Children’s Religious Education