The Alliance

The Alliance of the Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara.

Each first Friday of month October-June at 2:00 p.m. you will find Parish Hall decked out with seasonal themes and an eager audience of men and women ready to hear an informative speaker and enjoy tea and snacks. The Alliance as an adjunct independent organization strives to promote the well-being of its members, the USSB congregation, UUA causes, and the larger Santa Barbara communities. It was the Unitarian women who had moved to Santa Barbara from the east coast who began meeting for sermon reading in 1876 who founded the Alliance. Today the Alliance includes men in the socializing while learning, doing good works, and supporting USSB and community projects.

Since its inception in 1888 the Alliance has been helping congregants become leaders, supporting staff functions, and contributing to major USSB facility upkeep. At one time Alliance funded and supervised a Unicare Coordinator to oversee the Pastoral Care program. While this program has passed into ministerial hands, taking care of each other, especially our elderly, is still a major reason for Alliance’s existence. The cushions still in use on the Library bench were made by Alliance members. Today instead of sewing what is needed at USSB, the Alliance uses its funds to help out. The Alliance contributed to the USSB kitchen remodel, refurbishing Jefferson, the capital campaign which remodeled our Parish Hall and offices, the USSB library, sanctuary lighting, stage curtains, piano bench, hearing loops, and many other improvements enjoyed every time congregants gather.

Alliance’s income comes from membership dues and earnings of the funds donated by its members. As an incorporated 501c for tax deductible donations, the Alliance supports other non-profit entities.

When thinking of where you will send your bequests think not only of the USSB endowment fund but also consider the good Alliance can do with your donations. For more information you may contact Anita Blume, the Alliance’s treasurer.

All are welcome to attend one of our Friday presentations with tea. One does not have to be a member to participate. We encourage friends, neighbors, and family to share in the rich heritage of improving ourselves and the world while enjoying the company of the like-minded.

Alliance Board members 2017-2018

Carol Schwyzer, President

Betty Noling, Vice President

Anita Blum, Treasurer

Kathleen Boehm, Secretary, Past President

Gun Dukes, Membership

Claire Chytilo, Hospitality

Sylvia Abualy, Program Chair

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