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If you were a USSB congregant during the interim ministry of Rev. Joy Atkinson you may remember Alliance member Lowell Dabbs created and presented to Joy a golden spoon on a plaque. This present represented the ‘appreciating our history’ phase of interim ministry Joy had completed for us. She found in our archives reference to USSB’s founding mothers who met for sewing and tea. One of them suggested the USSB spoon supply was low and women should bring in spoons for the tea service. These women and those who began meeting for sermon reading in 1876 before USSB existed laid the path for the good works and connections achieved by the Alliance today.

Since its inception in 1888 the Alliance has been helping congregants become leaders, supported staff functions and contributed to major facility upkeep. Did you know that for years Alliance funds paid for a Unicare Coordinator salary to oversee the Pastoral Care program? How about those pads on the pews and on our Library benches? Brought to you by the Alliance. Alliance’s contribution to the kitchen remodel, refurbishing Jefferson, the capital campaign, to the USSB library, sanctuary lighting, stage curtains, piano bench and many other improvements may not be news but they are enjoyed every time congregants gather.

The Alliance members are committed to educating themselves about current social needs and providing assistance where it can. The needs of the USSB facilities are a top priority. Anyone can join the Alliance – no sewing skills required. Meet with us October-June the first Friday of each month for a presentation and tea

Alliance’s income come from membership dues and earnings of its benevolent fund. It is an incorporated 501c for tax deductible donations. When thinking of where you will send your bequests think not only of the USSB endowment fund but also consider the good Alliance can do with your donations to its benevolent fund. For more information you may contact Anita Blume, the Alliance’s treasurer.

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