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This year our elementary and middle school youth are Scouting UU Values, Principles and Sources. The beauty of this exploration-based program is that it functions beyond Sunday morning and is designed to fit your family’s schedule. Children and youth earn points by attending CRE and by participating in activities outside of Sunday morning. Three points earned in a specific focus area earns a button. Use this form or contact Jena Foster to have your child’s points recorded.

To learn more about what our children and youth are doing on Sunday, click here. Below, you will find suggestions for scouting at home or on the road.

Grades K-2 are Scouting UU Values

Suggested Activities for Exploring Diversity (each action earns 1 point):

  • Taste food that your family doesn’t normally eat
  • Read a book about someone who is very different than you
  • Visit a museum and look for art and artifacts from different parts of the world
  • Have a conversation about what you do at  recess. Who do you play with? What similarities and differences do you have? What do you play?
  • Draw a picture of people who are beautiful in different ways

Suggested Activities for Exploring Community (each action earns 1 point):

  • Go somewhere you haven’t been before
  • Volunteer for or donate goods to a non-profit organization
  • Keep our community beautiful! Bring a trash bag with you when you visit a park or beach and take a few minutes to collect trash.
  • Use our community resources wisely. Help your family members remember to bring reusable bags and water bottles with them on outings. Reduce waste and conserve water.
  • Have a conversation about your family’s community. Identify trusted adults you can turn to for help or advice.

Suggested Activities for Exploring Courage (each action earns 1 point):

  • Stand up for yourself or someone else if being bullied
  • Talk with your family about something that makes you sad, nervous or afraid, brainstorm ways of facing this challenge
  • Introduce yourself to someone at school you don’t normally interact with
  • Participate in an event or fundraiser that stands up for something you believe
  • Have you given up on something? Discuss it with your family and try again.

Suggested Activities for Exploring Love (each action earns 1 point):

  • Write a letter to someone you love telling them how much you care
  • As a family, talk about the people, places and things each of you love and why you do
  • Show your love for nature with a beautification project
  • Draw a picture of everything you love
  • Look in a mirror and tell yourself what you love about YOU

Suggested Activities for Exploring Generosity (each action earns 1 point):

  • Offer your time or a donation to local animal shelters
  • Pack a snack to share with someone who doesn’t have one
  • Bake a treat for your neighbor
  • Fill a box with your gently used toys or clothes and donate to an organization that helps kids
  • Create a “give jar” and a “keep jar” to split and collect money you’ve earned

Grades 3-5 are Scouting UU Principles

Suggested Activities for Exploring Principle 1 (each action earns 1 point):

  • Write a note to someone explaining why you think they are special
  • Make a list of things that make you unique
  • Have a discussion about how it makes you feel to know that we live in a world where people aren’t always treated with dignity
  • Read a book about someone who is very different than you
  • Read Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech and reflect on how it fits with your life

Suggested Activities for Exploring Principle 2 (each action earns 1 point):

  • Share with your family about something kind you want to do for a family member or friend, then do it!
  • Talk about a time when you shared something, even though you didn’t want to.
  • Brainstorm how you can include someone in a group activity, even if it means changing how you’d normally spend your time.
  • Develop a non-competitive game your whole class or family can play together.
  • Be helpful in public; hold the door, offer to return a shopping cart, or pick up a dropped item for someone.

Suggested Activities for Exploring Principle 3 (each action earns 1 point):

  • Start a meditation practice
  • Visit another religious community or building
  • Spend some time in a spiritual gift shop, pay close attention to the statues and images of different religions
  • Visit the library and check out some books on World Religions
  • Talk with your friends and family about what their spiritual beliefs are

Suggested Activities for Exploring Principle 5 (each action earns 1 point):

  • As a family, brainstorm activities you can do together; vote on which you’ll do first
  • Talk with your family about why voting is important
  • Encourage a group of friends to use voting to settle disputes about what to play at recess
  • Take a trip to the city council or the county board of supervisors offices, or visit an elected representative’s office. The staff is usually very happy to show a kid around!
  • Look up who your elected representatives are, from the city council to the state house to Congress. Write a letter to an elected official about something important to you. Write a letter to the president.

Suggested Activities for Exploring Principle 6 (each action earns 1 point):

  • As a family, talk about a time when each of you felt that something wasn’t fair. What did you do or could you have done about it?
  • Develop a plan for calming your anger or frustration; it might include taking some time alone, counting down from 10 while taking deep breaths, or spending time outdoors.
  • Create a care package with school supplies and snacks and donate it to a local organization that helps kids.
  • Donate money you’ve earned to an organization that helps immigrants and refugees.
  • As a family, learn and practice conflict resolution strategies.

Grades 6-8 are scouting UU Sources

Suggested Activities for Exploring Sources (each action earns 1 point):

The structure of our Jr. High RE program is a bit different than the rest. Earning points toward Scouting Buttons can be accomplished through independent study at home and while traveling. Some examples of this follow:

  • Research Native American history and mythology
  • Research world religions
  • Visit different local and out of town faith communities
  • Pay specific attention to the architecture of different churches and temples
  • Spend some time in spiritual or church gift shops. Notice what gifts are available. What draws your attention? What makes you ask questions?
  • Dedicate a few minutes each day to a practice; try journaling, meditating, stretching or sitting outside.

For more guidance or for help finding resources for independent study, contact Rev. Caitlin.


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