The Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara is
Vision and Mission

Our Values

The transcendent, timeless qualities of our religious community we strive to embody in all we do:

  • Community
  • Courage
  • Love
  • Diversity
  • Generosity
  • Joy


Our Mission

  • Living with Integrity
  • Nurturing Wonder
  • Inspiring Action


A Peek Inside USSB

While the Sunday services are the central core of USSB's activities, there are a wealth of programs all year long designed to involve members of all ages and interests as well as the community at large. The 2010-2011 search packet, created to help a new Assistant Minister get a better understanding of the width and breath of USSB is posted here to help you do the same.

Search Packet PDF.

Covenant of Good Relations



In my interactions with others in our congregation, I will:

  • be receptive, listening with care and compassion;
  • be truthful, speaking with care and compassion, and speaking directly to anyone with whom I have a concern;
  • be committed to the group as a whole, honoring our long history as a congregation within the Unitarian Universalist tradition;
  • expect that there will be differences among us and accept and care for one another despite those differences;
  • remain engaged with gentleness and respect when times are uncertain, participate in the process, and do my part to sustain this Covenant;
  • honor my responsibility for upholding the spiritual values, traditions and rituals of our community.
Our Campus

The main building of the Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara

After two years of planning, several months of extensive infrastructure improvements, and constuction from August 2008 to March 2009, our dream is now real and spectacular. The map shows the layout after the renovation. But, the only way to fully appreciate the beauty and atmosphere of the campus is to come and see it. You are invited! This view is from across Santa Barbara Street (East Arrellaga Street is on the right), from the vantage point of Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens. Map of Campus


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