Committee on Shared Ministry

COSM, which is the Committee On Shared Ministry is mostly a quiet group whose sole mission is the well- being of the congregation as a whole. Part of taking care of the congregation means taking care of our Minister and our Administrator who are responsible for the congregation in a large way. We do a lot of listening. Mostly that is what we do, listen. We listen to Aaron. We listen to Nancy. And we listen to you. Please talk to us if you have concerns about USSB. We are a sounding board. We are problem solvers. We are watch dogs. We are advocates. We are protective. We are proactive. We care about every single one of you. Talk to us.

COSM members are: Deb Karoff, Pat Kruger, Deborah Wolfe, Carla Neufeldt-Abatie, Lauren Wyeth, Gail Stichler, Jared Dawson, Jody Thomas, Scott Barnett and Charla Bregante.



In my interactions with others in our congregation, I will:

  • be receptive, listening with care and compassion;
  • be truthful, speaking with care and compassion, and speaking directly to anyone with whom I have a concern;
  • be committed to the group as a whole, honoring our long history as a congregation within the Unitarian Universalist tradition;
  • expect that there will be differences among us and accept and care for one another despite those differences;
  • remain engaged with gentleness and respect when times are uncertain, participate in the process, and do my part to sustain this Covenant;
  • honor my responsibility for upholding the spiritual values, traditions and rituals of our community.

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