Planning Your Wedding

Below are a few documents to help us work together to plan your wedding…


Facility Rental info SHEEt 

Filling out this form and submitting it provides us with the information we need to create your Contract.   (You might want to review the Wedding Add-Ons link below, because this form will ask you a couple of questions about those items.)


Here is a list of Vendors for your consideration – from Wedding Coordinators to Caterers to DJs and more! 

Wedding Add-Ons

Table & Chair Rentals, Palm Tree Courtyard Lights and other items we have available.

WEDDING coordinator services  (mONTH OF)

USSB’s Facility Use Coordinator can provide this independent, affordable service.

Decorations & special requests Form

In order to make sure our facility will look the way you want it to look, please fill out this form so we can avoid any last minute surprises.

parish courtyard and parish hall maps

Here you’ll find a few maps and diagrams to help you plan your layout.


What is the best way to get your security deposit back?   You and your Wedding Coordinator should be well acquainted with our room use policies, and then make sure your vendors comply.

Rules for Caterers and OTHER Kitchen Users

       Please make sure that you, your Caterer and your Wedding Coordinator are well acquainted with our Kitchen use policies.

testimonial submission

Your wedding is now a great lifelong memory, and we’d love to hear all about it.  We especially would like to hear if we did our part to make your day special!