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Two Services, 9:15 and 11:15 A.M., EVERY SUNDAY

1535 Santa Barbara Street, at the corner of Arrellaga

The theme for the month is “LIBERATION”

April 2

“Together, In Motion” | Rev. Julia Hamilton

The birds are on the wing! Our worship team has had a vision — each beautiful face and beloved person in this community, rising together toward a more beloved world. As the author Walter Mosley said, “If we can love one another, we can break open the sky.”

Women’s Chorale will sing.

April 9

“The Bread of Affliction” | Rev. Julia Hamilton

Passover is a story of Jewish liberation, of a long walk toward freedom. During Passover, matz — unleavened bread — is eaten as a reminder of the journey. Called “the bread of affliction,” matzo’s ingredients are simple — flour and water — but the symbolism is rich. What sustains us on our long journey to liberation?

Music by members of the USSB Music Ministry.

April 16

“Despair Is Not a Strategy” | Rev. Julia Hamilton

The story of Easter, the story of spring, the story of rebirth and renewal; it is all about turning from a short-term sense of despair toward a long-term sense of hope. It is about lifting our eyes toward the horizon, toward the sun, toward life. Join us this Easter to celebrate and embrace hope!

Women’s Chorale will sing.

April 23

“Earth Day” | Kir Zecher and Charla Bregante

This congregation has made a commitment to caring for the earth and the living systems of which we are a part, for this and future generations. Let us celebrate and honor our one and only Earth!

Chancel Choir will sing


“Free to Be a Geek” |Rev. Caitlin Cotter

One of the most liberating things that has happened in our culture in the last decade has been a new freedom to be joyfully and unashamedly geeky. More and more of us are speaking recognizing the vital Importance of Being Earnestly and passionately excited about the things in our lives that make us happy and lead us to deep reflection — whether that’s Harry Potter, science fiction, or children’s cartoons. Join Rev. Caitlin for a service exploring the joyful magic of being geeks together.

Music TBA

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