2018 WEF Grant Winner Announced

Announcing the Winner of the Women’s Empowerment Fund Grant for 2018

Catherine Callahan’s project “Better Health Care for Women” will provide a manual to help women successfully access a range of medical services including routine appointments, surgeries, and emergency visits. It details information that female patients should be ready to provide to their doctors, as well as strategies for being seen and heard as unique persons by busy medical practitioners. The underlying goal is to make women active and informed partners in their own health care. It will cover topics such as: What to Say and What Not to Say, your one-page medical history, a format for creating a post-surgery recovery support plan, and a wealth of other medical information garnered in Catherine’s long experience of the medical world. This project aligns well with Unitarian principles and the congregation’s commitment to fairness for all.

The selection committee was impressed by the quality of submissions this year and with the generosity of spirit that underlies all the projects designed to help and empower women. We are grateful to all the members of the congregation who submitted such heartfelt and inspiring projects.

Rachel Aarons