A Call for Stories

This past spring, our first “Live from the Heart” evening of stories was a big hit. So we’re doing it again! “Live From The Heart: Winter Tales” will be presented Sunday evening December 1, and we need you and your personal stories of love, loss, learning, and foolishness to make it happen. Format: 12 speakers share their stories. We’ll have music too. Stories should be seven to eight minutes long and can range from the tragic to the ridiculous; all subjects encompassing the human experience are welcome. The only criterion is that they are real and they happened to you. If you can think of something apropos to our theme of Winter Tales, all the better. If you would like to participate, please write a two paragraph synopsis of your story and email it to: Peter Hale, contactonsite@gmail.com, by September 29. This event will be offered at our upcoming auction. PS: Last spring we had 70+ people attend at $20 each. It was a great fund-raiser for our Society and this time around it will be even better!