Annual Meeting 2019

Sunday, June 2, 12:30-1:30pm, Parish hall

We hope you join us for our Annual Meeting of the Membership, to vote on Annual Budget, Board of Trustee Members, and Nominating Committee Members. Please find information on voting guidelines, ballot measures, Annual Meeting agenda, as well as nominees for Board and Nominating Committee below.


voting information

Members who have signed the membership book on or before May 2, 2019, and committed to an annual financial contribution are eligible to vote. Members may also receive ministerial exemption from financial commitment.

Absentee ballots will be available on request by calling the office at (805) 965-4583, or picked up during Community Hour any Sunday leading up to the Annual Meeting, beginning May 12 in the Courtyard.

Members may vote by proxy. Each member attending the meeting may hold one proxy. Proxies should be dated, signed, and state the name of the member to carry the proxy.

Quorum Information:

Official Membership at Meeting: 408

Quorum to conduct business is one-tenth of the membership counted as present, or voting by proxy or absentee ballot (41 Members)

Quorum to make additions or deletions from Agenda is 20% of total membership (82 Members)

ballot measures

proposed operating budget

A Note on the Budget from Rev. Julia

Proposed 2019-20 Budget Summary

2019-20 Proposed Budget Town Hall Meeting Presentation

Nominees for the Board of Trustees

Onolee Zwicke is honored to serve as a Board member at USSB for a second term. As a Unitarian for eight years and an active participant and member of USSB for the past five years, she served as Board Treasurer and Board Secretary, was a member of the CRE committee, budget committee, and finance committee, participated on the search team for the upcoming Lifespan Director, and was previously a member at Live Oak Unitarian, serving on the board one year as well as co-chairing the stewardship committee for two years. She is a strong advocate for social justice and anti-racism work. Onolee is married to Maurice Wada (USSB member) and has three children: daughters Jade and Jasmine (USSB members), son Chris, and two granddaughters, Charlotte and Zoe. She is the owner and executive director of Art Explorers & Terrific Scientific, which provides art, engineering, science, and technology programs to students in elementary and junior high schools. Serving the local community of children and parents for 18 years, these programs encourage problem-solving, inquiry-based learned and creativity. She was the Director of Staff Training & Organizational Development at UCSB for 12 years and a community liaison for UCSB Student Affairs, Isla Vista and Santa Barbara County for four years. She has her Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut.

Mike Gorodezky would be honored to serve as a Board member for USSB. He and his wife, Eileen Bunning, have been members since 2011. They joined USSB to find a community that shared their values. They only needed to visit a few times before they understood they had found the right place. Currently Mike serves on the USSB board, and the Committee on Shared Ministry. The past two years he has been the volunteer coordinator of the USSB Warming Center. He also has worked on the Great Decisions planning team for the past three years. He has volunteered to help with a variety of food service projects, most notably the annual auction dinner. Mike has been retired for 10 years from his work as an information system consultant. In his 40-year career he worked with a variety of public mental health organizations as they introduced computer technology and electronic records. Mike holds a Ph.D. from Michigan, an MSW from UCLA, and a BA from Berkeley.

Björn Birnir is the Director of the Center for Complex and Nonlinear Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara. In 1981 he obtained his PhD (Mathematics) from the Courant Institute New York University, and held positions at the University of Arizona, Tucson and UC Berkeley. Since 1993 Björn has been Professor in Mathematics at the University of California in Santa Barbara. In 1998, he became Director, Center for Complex and Nonlinear Science (UCSB). He established an exchange program between UC Santa Barbara and the University of Iceland in 2000 that has been active since then and was the Study Center Director for the UC Education Abroad Probram in Madrid, Spain, from 2009-2011, overseeing the student exchange between the UC systems and Spanish Universities. In 2010, Björn was elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. In 2013, he became Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulations. Björn´s research centers on nonlinear and stochastic modelling for complex dynamical systems. This includes: Mathematical seismology and geomorphology, erosion and landslides, statistical turbulence, nonlinear phenomena in quantum systems, migration of school of fish, swarms of bacteria and global change.

Nominees for the Nominating Committee

Bruce Daniels. In 2010, I joined USSB where I quickly became a member of the Chancel Choir and Membership Ministry, and ultimately joined a Connection Circle. I have served on some Evaluation Committees and enjoyed meeting many wonderful, caring, and bright people at the Society. There was a feeling of acceptance that I found where you can believe whatever you want and you can believe in yourself. Many members of the congregation have been great teachers, and there is direction to this faith. I am a native Southern Californian and did most of my schooling in Southern California. After receiving my M.D. degree from U.C. Irvine, service in the USN Medical Corps for 14 years was followed by private practice in Santa Maria. After retiring, I lived in Carpinteria for nine years, moving to Santa Barbara in April, 2019.

Gary Welterlen. I am a candidate to serve on the Nominating Committee of the Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara. I have been associated with Unitarian congregations in Atlanta, Orange County, and Santa Barbara since 1989, and have been a member of USSB since 1998. I have served in elected positions in all three congregations I have belonged to. In Santa Barbara I have served on the board of trustees for two three-year terms, was board president for two years, on the nominating committee for two year-long terms, and I have served on a ministerial search committee. I currently serve as chair of Planned Giving and as a planned giving advisor.

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