Annual Meeting 2020

USSB Annual Meeting of the Membership 2020

Sunday, June 7 at 11:30 AM on Zoom

Click here to view the Annual Meeting Agenda 2020

The Annual Meeting is a business meeting for members to vote on important ballot measures including our annual budget for the coming fiscal year and nominees for the Nominating Committee and Board of Trustees. It is also a time to celebrate our shared accomplishments over the past year, look ahead to next year, and be together (albeit virtually!) in community.

While this year’s meeting will be a bit different due to physical distancing, please join us in virtual community for this business meeting and celebration. No need to pick up ballots! Voting will happen over Zoom with easy instructions for member voting participation.

An invitation to the meeting will come directly to your email so keep an eye on your inbox for official meeting notice, ballot measures, new voting techniques to support physical distancing, and join link.

If you cannot join the Annual Meeting virtually, please let us know so that we may mail you a ballot! Email Office Manager Eden Kennedy or by phone at (805) 965-4583.

Town Hall Meeting

Our Town Hall meeting was held on May 24th. Rev. Julia, Director of Administration Erin Wilson, and Board President, Keith Strohmaier, reviewed the current fiscal year projections, the 2020-2021 proposed budget, and the ballot measure to defer the external financial audit.

If you were unable to attend, a recording of the meeting can be found here:

Voting Information

  • Voting will happen via Zoom during our virtual meeting. Instructions on how to vote during the meeting will be given.
  • Members who have signed the membership book on or before May 7, 2020 and committed to an annual financial contribution are eligible to vote. (Members may also receive ministerial exemption from financial commitment.)
  • If you are not able to attend the Zoom meeting, absentee ballots will be available on request by calling the office at 965-4583 or emailing Eden Kennedy
  • Members may vote by proxy. Each member attending the meeting may hold one proxy. Proxies should be dated, signed and state the name of the member to carry the proxy.
    • Official Voting Membership at Meeting Notice: 403
    • Quorum to conduct business: 10% of Total Membership: 40
    • The quorum to make additions or deletions from Agenda: 20% of Total Membership: 81
    • The quorum for an annual meeting is one-tenth of the membership counted as present, voting by proxy or absentee ballot. 

Ballot Measures

Adopt the 2020-2021 Fiscal Plan

Each year the congregation votes to adopt the following fiscal year’s plan. This year is a unique year due to the economic effects and campus closures from physical distancing. We hope you will join us in an overview the fiscal plan at our May 24 Town Hall meeting, where we will review our projected revenues and expenses for the coming fiscal year. A recording will be sent out to members following the Town Hall Meeting, as well as posted on our website. In addition, the Director of Administration is available to answer any budgetary questions you may have at any time. Please feel free to direct your questions to Erin Wilson at

Click here 2020-21 Budget Summary to see the 2020-21 fiscal plan.

Vote to Postpone the Full Financial Audit

Our bylaws require a full financial audit once every three years, conducted by an external CPA. An internal financial review happens in the intermediate years. According to this schedule we are slated to perform audit of this fiscal year with pre-audit work starting in June. Due to the challenges faced this year from physical distancing, we are proposing to postpone the external audit by one year not only to defer the cost of a full financial audit ($13,000), but also to conserve the limited staff resources required to assist in conducting a full financial audit during these challenging times. Our Staff is working hard to pivot and adjust, this requires additional hours and resources to support. There are no concerns about the results of an external audit, and deferring the audit by one year seems prudent given the economic and operational realities. The Board asks that the congregation vote to defer the external audit by one fiscal year. In accordance with our bylaws, this will require a 2/3 majority to pass, with a minimum of 101 affirmative votes (25% of members).

Election of Board of Trustees Members for 2020-2021

Julie Lopp


Kathleen Boehm


Election of Nominating Committee Members for 2020-2021

Deb Karoff – click here for Deb’s bio.


Judy Farris – click here for Judy’s bio.

Should you have any questions regarding the Annual Meeting, Ballot Measures, virtual meeting information, membership status, or financial plan, please feel free to contact our Director of Administration, Erin Wilson at Thank You!

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