Annual Meeting 2018

May 20, 2018 10:15-11:00 a.m. – Town Hall Meeting on the Proposed Budget

Want to learn more about the budget process and how our annual budget is constructed and maintained? Would you like to get an overview of the proposed budget for next fiscal year before voting on it at the June 3 Annual Meeting? This Town Hall meeting is a great place to find out more about our fiscal plans for the upcoming year.

June 3, 2018 12:30-1:30 p.m. – Annual Meeting of the Membership

We will gather in Parish Hall for our annual meeting. This is your opportunity to participate in the democratic process that governs our congregational life. We will be celebrating the past year and looking ahead to next year, and honoring the people who make this congregation what it is. Members of the congregation will be asked to elect two new board members, and adopt the annual budget. Childcare will be available during the Annual Meeting!


Notified Agenda for Annual Meeting

June 3, 2018, 12:30 p.m., Parish Hall

1. Opening and Call to Order, Chalice Lighting Keith Strohmaier, Board President
2. Collect Ballots Keith Strohmaier, Board President
3. Additions/Deletions from Agenda if 20% of membership present Keith Strohmaier, Board President
4. Affirmation of Covenant, Core Values, and Mission, and Ends Keith Strohmaier, Board President
5. In Memoriam Rev. Julia Hamilton & Rev. Caitlin Cotter
6. Year-to-Date; Year Ahead Rev. Julia Hamilton & Rev. Caitlin Cotter
7. Distinguished Service Awards Rev. Julia Hamilton & Rev. Caitlin Cotter
8. Board Linkage; Mission, Vision, and Ends Keith Strohmaier, Board President
9. Election of Nominating Committee Susan Plummer, Board Vice President
10. Election of Board of Trustees Carol Schwyzer, Nominating Committee
11. Honor Outgoing Board of Trustees Members Rev. Julia Hamilton
12. Installation of Board of Trustees and Nominating Committee Rev. Julia Hamilton
13. Vote to Adopt Fiscal Plan Onolee Zwicke, Treasurer
14. New Business (additional agenda items) Keith Strohmaier, Board President
15. Closing Rev. Julia Hamilton
16. Adjournment Keith Strohmaier, Board President

Voting Information:

  • Members who have signed the membership book on or before May 3, 2018 and committed to an annual financial contribution are eligible to vote. (Members may also receive ministerial exemption from financial commitment.)
  • Absentee ballots will be available on request by calling the office at 965-4583, between services on Sunday May 13 – Sunday May 27, or at our Town Hall Meetings.
  • Members may vote by proxy. Each member attending the meeting may hold one proxy. Proxies should be dated, signed and state the name of the member to carry the proxy.
  • The quorum for an annual meeting is one-tenth of the membership counted as present, or voting by proxy or absentee ballot.

Official Voting Membership at Meeting Notice: 418

  • Quorum to conduct business: 10% of Total Membership: 42
  • Quorum to make additions or deletions from Agenda: 20% of Total Membership:  84

Proposed 2018-19 Budget

The Board has approved the following draft budget for congregational vote: Proposed Operating Budget for 2018-19

Below please find a link to our May 20 Town Hall presentation on the proposed budget as well as Questions & Answers from that meeting.

2018-19 Proposed Budget Presentation

Questions and Answers from Town Hall Meeting on Budget

Candidates for the Board of trustees & NOminating Committee

At the annual meeting on June 3, our members will have the opportunity to elect members of the Board and members of the Nominating Committee. Those elected will begin serving on July 1, 2018.

Candidates for the Nominating Committee for three-year terms are Gail Stichler and Bart Woolery.

Candidates for the Board for three-year terms are Mike Ristow, Keith Strohmaier, and Kir Zecher.

Candidate for the Board for a one-year term is Mike Gorodezky. Terms of less than three years occur when a Board member vacates a position.

Thanks to all our candidates who are willing to serve USSB if elected.

Kir Zecher

Hello, my name is Kir Zecher and I am honored to be nominated to serve on the Board of USSB. I joined USSB eighteen years ago, when my children were young, not knowing then that participating in this community would be the place I would be most profoundly inspired and encouraged to learn, experiment, grow, and develop as a more compassionate, humble, and powerful human being. Volunteering as a Coming of Age facilitator, Religious Education Director Search committee member, and Ministerial Search committee member, and currently as a Worship Arts Team member, have all shaped my heart and life in expansively amazing ways, providing new opportunities to engage with others and strive to put more love into the world. I see serving on the Board as another invitation to help in tending to this beautiful place of faith that gives so much to helping each person and the community see their potential, from the inside out. Thank you!

Keith Strohmaier

I grew up in Fremont, CA, just north of San Jose. I went to college at UCLA and came to Santa Barbara just over 20 years ago for graduate school and have been here ever since. Currently, I am the Fiscal Services Controller at the Santa Barbara County Education Office.

Growing up without religion, I am happy to have found a spiritual home and a community that shares my values. I have learned that I can “do church.” I look forward to service each Sunday. I have been a member of the Society since 2014. During that time, I have served on the Membership Ministry, the Stewardship Visionary Team, the Search Committee for our Assistant Minister, and am just finishing my first term on the Board of Trustees. I am honored to have served as Treasurer for two years and am now President.

Mike Ristow

I think my service experience began with being an altar boy and a Boy Scout in Miles City, Montana, and through many affiliations with diverse communities such as the Airline Pilots Association board of directors, the board of directors of Northwest Airlines, the finance committee of Lake Country Montessori School in Minneapolis, and at least two homeowner’s associations. In addition, I have been serving on the board of directors of The Foundation for Affordable Housing for 15 years, and am involved in asset management work for them. Over the last 7 years since moving to Santa Barbara and joining USSB, I have enjoyed many opportunities to volunteer here by being an usher, a greeter, a part of the membership committee, a facilitator and participant in the wonderful Connection Circles, and a facilitator for the Newcomers Series.  I am flattered at being asked to be considered for our board of trustees. It has been my experience that in most organizations, a small percentage of the members do a majority of the necessary work, but I have been very impressed that in our congregation that view does not hold. It seems nearly everyone finds a way to volunteer, participate, and inspire others to join them. I have been inspired. Thank you for your consideration.

Mike Gorodezky

Michael Gorodezky is retired from a 50-year career in public mental health and technology. As a member of the USSB community he has worked with the Freedom Warming shelter and the Committee on Shared Ministry. Mike has worked with others to help develop the Great Decisions program and has volunteered with food preparation at the Annual Auction.

Candidates for the Nominating Committee

Gail Stichler

I have been a member of USSB for over 25 years and have had the opportunity to serve on the Committee of Shared Ministry, Nominating Committee, annual campaign, and the Budget Task Force. My two daughters, Kendra and Hana, grew up in the religious education community at USSB. They attended classes from preschool through YRUU, and I was a volunteer teacher for the program for eight of those years. I also served on the Religious Education Committee under the supervision of three of our MREs. I am retired from UCSB, with my last position as business officer at NCEAS, aka, the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis. Each year we had approximately 800 scientists visit our center to collaborate on ecological research. Now that I’m retired, I travel to visit young grandchildren, give tours to adults and students at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, and take classes at adult education and the Y. It would be an honor to serve on the Nominating Committee again.

Bart Woolery

Bart joined the Society somewhere around the turn of the century, emboldened by the many friends from other paths that he found here and the excellent music, community, social justice activities, and donuts healthy snacks between services. Bart served on the board for six years as we transitioned from a somewhat leaden agency to the more invigorating policy-style of governance we now enjoy. He has also served on the finance committee for several years after terming out from the board. Bart feels it would be a pleasure to help encourage and shepherd the future leadership of the Society and would serve with pleasure on the Nominating Committee.

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