“But you DO believe in God. Don’t you?”

July 15, 2018 | Rev. Kenneth Collier, minister emeritus

I have a problem. I suspect Julia as it as well. Most Unitarian Universalist ministers have it. Here’s the scene. I’m at some social event or other and strike up a conversation with someone I don’t know. Before long New Friend asks me what I do. I know what’s coming. Trying to be a little evasive, I just say that I’m retired. Doesn’t work. The next question is “Oh. And what are you retired from?” I’m stuck. It’s right around the corner. I say that I am a retired Unitarian Universalist minister, and occasionally that’s enough. But more often than not, it leads only to more questions. “Oh. So what to Unitarian Universalists believe?” (Well, at least New Friend doesn’t confuse us with either Unity or the Moonies.)

I give a short explanation, my elevator speech if you will, trying to be as neutral as I can, and sometimes that works. But usually that only sets off another barrage of questions. “But what about the Bible?” “Do you accept Jesus?” And finally, after circling around it for a while, New Friend starts to zero in on the 500-pound Gorilla. Wait for it. Here it comes. “But you DO believe in God. Don’t you?”

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