Pastoral Care

USSB Care Team

“Nurturing a spirit of connection and support in times of need.”

The USSB Care Team is here for members of the Unitarian Society who are going through a tough time or a big life transition. We are here to offer a supportive presence, to help in transition, and to provide an environment of hope and growth.

There are three main ways to contact the Care Team:

  • Care Team hotline: 805-265-3681
  • Speak directly with one of the Care Team members or with one of our ministers. Our Care Team members are John Altman, Linda Beers, Eileen Bunning, Judy Fontana, Mark Hamilton, Bruce Hanna, and Carol Schwyzer.

Messages for the Care Team are kept confidential among the team.

Members of USSB should call the Care Team if you or someone you love is experiencing:

  • Major life changes, such as the loss of a loved one, loss of employment, divorce, or retirement
  • Isolation because of age, mobility problems, or for other reasons
  • Spiritual crisis
  • Other personal life transitions
  • Health problems, illness, or hospitalization:  The new Caring Network is extending the kind of help available and the way it is delivered.  To access the help please use Realm:  Once on Realm go to Pastoral Care where you will find the Pastoral Care Team.  There you can let us know what you need.  Please be specific.

Want to help?

Get connected to our Caregivers Network!

Our new Caring Network connects members in need with others who are glad to lend help.

We are creating a network of members and friends who are available to help out with simple requests for support. This might be a ride to the doctor, delivering a meal, helping with shopping, walking a dog, or simply changing a light bulb for someone who can’t get on a ladder!

If you are interested in being part of this network, please fill out the form below:


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