Honoring Darkness

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Honoring Darkness

Rev. Caitlin Cotter

When I was eighteen years old, less than a week after graduating high school, I moved to Wasilla, Alaska to work as an outdoor skills counselor at Togowoods Girl Scout Camp.

I have a lot of stories from that summer in the wild woods of the state nicknamed “the last frontier.”

Stories of strong women making amazing and creative things happen for the kids we cared for.

Stories of wildlife encounters and kayaking adventures and conflict resolution, of so many things that shaped my ideas about what it means to be a responsible and interesting adult.

Every week at Camp Togowoods each pair of counselors would get a new group of twelve girls to look after.

Before the girls arrived to check in, us counselors would be given a stack of papers telling us something about the girls coming into our care.

These would tell us something about the girls hobbies and allergies and so on, and there was one section that simply asked “What else should we know about your child?”

One week a mother wrote in that spot, “My daughter is afraid of the dark. If she gets scared, remind her that it’s light outside.”

If she gets scared, remind her that it’s light outside.

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