February Food Drive

Join our families and children as they practice service to others by collecting food for the Santa Barbara Food Bank during the month of February. 

On Sunday, February 10 join us during Middle Hour as we create door hangers to place on our neighbor’s homes. Sorting day will be Sunday, February 27 during Middle Hour when we gather up all our collected goods to take to the food bank.

Food stuffs will be welcome at the collection station in the rear of Parish Hall all during the month. 

What should you bring?

WHOLE GRAINS • Brown or wild rice • Steel-cut or rolled oats • Whole grain cereals with less than 12g sugar per serving • Whole grain breads • Whole wheat or brown rice flour • Quinoa, buckwheat, barley, or other whole grains • Cornmeal • Corn or whole wheat tortillas

VEGETARIAN PROTEINS • Dried lentils, beans or peas • Canned black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans • Low-sodium vegetarian chili

ANIMAL PROTEINS • Canned, low-sodium soups, stews, chili • Canned tuna or salmon

FRUITS AND VEGETABLES  • Canned fruit in 100% fruit juice or water • 100% fruit or vegetable juice • Dried fruit • Low-sodium canned vegetables

OTHER NUTRITIOUS ITEMS • Any fresh or dried spices • Olive or organic canola oils • Coffee and tea