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What’s my role?

Come regularly. Join in. Be a part of our community.

One of the most important ways to encourage religious and spiritual development in children and youth is to participate consistently in the life of the congregation. By coming regularly, your children will create friendships that will bond them to the community. And so will you.  Continuity ensures that children get a deeper understanding of the curriculum and build trusting relationships with our dedicated teachers. Consistent attendance makes the RE experience richer for all.

We also want parents to join in the life of our community at USSB.  Attend worship, pot lucks, events, adult classes and become involved in the congregation. Then, once you have a sense of belonging, please get involved in the CRE program in a way that suits your time and talents.

Know Thyself

YOU are your child’s primary religious educator.  Your children will learn their concepts of faith, morality, responsibility, and justice from you. And you are the one that will be asked “what happens when we die?” and “do we believe in God?”.

As parents, we are continually challenged to examine our own theological beliefs. These beliefs not only influence our thinking and motivations but to allow us to communicate these deep truths to our children.

Consider taking an adult religious education class to help you explore and articulate your own beliefs.


Children need to be enrolled in CRE. This provides the church, our volunteers and paid staff valuable information about health, guardianship and more.

Click here to enroll.

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