Free to Geek

“Free to Geek”

By Rev. Caitlin S. Cotter | Preached April 30, 2017
One of the questions people often have about Unitarian Universalism when they first learn about us is what our holy book is. The thing is, just like we don’t have a creed as Unitarian Universalists, no brief authoritative formula of religious belief that we all prescribe to, we don’t have one single religious text that all Unitarian Universalist refer to. We draw wisdom from the bible, the torah, the great mystical poets like Mevlana Rumi, and the different translations of the Tao te ching, but we don’t stop there.

We are seekers of truth and wisdom, nurturers of wonder.

We are free to find guidance in whatever text or story moves us, free to hold whatever leads us to live into our values as sacred.

Perhaps this freedom to draw from the sources that inspire us is part of the reason why so many Unitarian Universalists are self-identified geeks and nerds, especially geeks and nerds who love science fiction and fantasy, comic books, role-playing, video games, and popular science.

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