Greater than the Sum of Our Fears

Sunday, November 6, 2016

“Greater than the Sum of Our Fears”

Rev. Julia Hamilton

What a week it’s been. What a week it’s been, my friends. Here we are, on the eve of the presidential election, arguably one of the most bizarre and tumultuous election cycles this nation has ever seen. Here we are, a nation divided along lines of race and class and gender, a nation seemingly engaged in a battle for our very soul, a search for winners and losers – if
you listen to the political pundits. It’s all election, all the time on the news.

And personally, as many of you know, this week I answered a call that led me to the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota, one of over 500 religious leaders that gathered in support of the indigenous people trying to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. I’ll say more about that in just a moment.

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