Growing Together


“Growing Together”

Rev. Julia Hamilton

This morning we are reflecting on childhood, and multigenerational community, and our hopes and dreams for this community as we head into the fall with a newly re-imagined children’s religious education program. I could stand here in the pulpit and make a lot of large, sweeping statements about all the good things that come out of multigenerational community. And they would be true. I could quote the famous Unitarians and Universalists who advocated for a progressive and child-led approach to religious education, people like Sophia Lyon Fahs, educators who developed an approach that gets out from underneath dogma and memorization and trusts instead in the natural unfolding of the inner spirit of our children. And we would be inspired. But I know that I am preaching to the choir. I know, from many conversations over the course of this past year, how much value you place on this intergenerational work.

I know how much you love and care for our children and families, and how much you yearn for a religious education program overflowing with bright young minds and hearts.

I yearn for these same things. But after doing some looking around, it is apparent that the religious education landscape is changing rapidly. Congregations all over the nation, and not just within Unitarian Universalism, are finding themselves challenged with attendance and enrollment in RE. The role of religion in our society is changing, the needs of families and children are changing, and we’ve got to change with it. It is going to take some creative thinking and some willingness to experiment, to try things and fail at things, and try some more things, as we navigate these uncharted waters.

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