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Parents Plus

This is a monthly values based parenting class. We understand that parents are their children’s primary religious educators. This is the place to learn more about how to communicate these deep truths to our children.  The class meets on the first Sunday of each month at 10:30 in the La Paz Lounge.

Got Ideas? Submitting a ProposaL

Here at the Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara we come together during the week to do spiritual practices, discuss books, learn about our Unitarian Universalist History and Theology, and much more.  If you would like to lead a class or program as part of our community of learners, we are accepting applications for fall programs until May 28, 2017, and the team will consider proposals again after the summer.  If you would like to talk through your idea before you submit an application, please feel free to reach out to Rev. Caitlin (

Guidelines for Submitting an Adult Program

The Adult Religious Enrichment (ARE) Ministry Team is delighted you want to lead a class, workshop, or discussion group! We want you to be successful in this endeavor. Here is a list of guidelines and tips to help with the logistics of leading a class.

  1. Class Proposal: Share your program proposal with the ARE Ministry Team by filling out this Google form or by printing the application out in PDF form and turning it in to the Front Office. The ARE Ministry Team will review proposals quarterly, and if yours is accepted will notify you to move on to the next step!
  2. Scheduling/Booking a Room: Once your class or discussion group is approved by the ARE Ministry Team, contact the Facilities Use Coordinator, Greg Otero, to reserve a room for your use and to get the class scheduled on the church calendar. Use this form to request the room.
  3. Publicizing: Your class or discussion group can be publicized on the USSB webpage, weekly e-news, and in the Sunday bulletin, as well as the monthly Kaleidoscope. You will need to provide the copy for this as well as any image you want us to use. We will need the Title of Program, a 3-4 sentence description, the day/time/location of the class, if there is a maximum number of participants, instructions on how to register if you are requiring that, and contact name/number if someone has questions. It is best to put the word out at least one month in advance. This means we need the above information at least six weeks before your class/discussion begins. Send to our Office Manager, Eden Kennedy, at
  4. Room Usage: The room you use will have chairs in it. You may need to look around in nearby rooms and move in the correct number of chairs you need. However, USSB cannot promise that you will have access to audio-visual equipment, and we do not have a staff person who can set up a/v equipment for your program. If you wish to get trained in the use of our Parish Hall a/v equipment, please be alert for our regularly held a/v trainings.
  5. Building Access: You will need a key to access the rooms and buildings of USSB. Arrange a time for a leader of your group to get a key from our Office Manager, Eden Kennedy (
  6. Supplies: At this time, we do not have an arts and crafts supply room that is available for your use. You may wish to ask for a donation to cover the cost of supplies you need for the program (please only collect donations for food or supplies), or you can approach Rev. Caitlin ( to ask about using Adult Religious Education funds. If you need copies made for your class, or wish to order books to be available through the bookstore, coordinate with our Office Manager, Eden Kennedy (, for access to the copier in the workroom or to place an order for books to be sold.

Thank you again for providing a way for our community to learn and grow together. We hope your experience leading the class or discussion is fantastic, and please reach out to Rev. Caitlin if you need additional support!

The PDF can be found here: Guidelines for Setting up an Adult Religious Enrichment Program through USSB

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