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TABLES & CHAIRS: If you are renting either Jefferson Hall or Parish Hall, both rooms have tables and chairs available within the rooms. You may use these items, but they must be put back where you found them. Thank you.

RESTROOM USAGE: If your group needs to access the restroom near Jefferson Hall or La Paz Lounge, please go to for the current combination to that locked door. Parish Hall, Blake Lounge and the Classrooms have open access to restrooms.

TRASH: At the end of your event, if the trash and/or recycling cans are more than half full, please empty those containers in our dumpsters which are located behind our main building, off of Arrellaga Street. Thank you.


By inputting my initials and checking the checkbox below, I hereby state that I will read and abide by the USSB Room Use Guidelines (found at including leaving the room as found, and emptying your trash in the large bins behind our main building. I also understand that if I fail to return a key to USSB, I will be responsible to pay a $50.00 fee.

I further understand that I am financially responsible for any damage caused by my use of USSB's room, and/or any excessive cleaning that might be required after my use of the room. Lastly, I am aware that if I cancel at least 30 days in advance of my room use, I will receive a full refund, but canceling within 30 days of my event results in the forfeiture of any fees I have paid.

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