(If your loved one was an active member or related to an active member of the Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara,
please contact Greg Otero, our Facilities Use Coordinator, for Member pricing and other Member benefits.)

Our staff would like to convey our sympathies to you on the passing of your loved one. This can be a confusing time for family or friends. We are providing the following information to you with the hope that it will be helpful, and answer any logistical questions you may have about arranging a Service, so that you may focus on more important things.

Facility Fees
The Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara can provide you and your family with up to 4 hours at our facility. Depending on your specific needs, our facility fees vary.

o If your service will be held only in our Sanctuary, the fee is $400. (3 hours)
o If you’re planning a Reception without a formal service in our Sanctuary, the use of Parish Hall, Parish Courtyard and our Kitchen rents for $850. (4 hours)
o If you’d like to use all of the above rooms, the fee for this is $1,100. (5 hours)

All of the above fees also include the services of our USSB Event Assistant, but they do not include the services of our Minister. The time periods include time for your setup, the service and your clean-up.

Planning a Memorial Service
Service planning is the responsibility of the family and officiates. If the family would like the assistance of a USSB minister, she/he can provide a pivotal role for structuring, organizing, and facilitating the memorial service.

Ushers are the responsibility of the family.

Sound Technician
A sound technician for the service is provided by the Unitarian Society Event Staff. This would include use of the microphones and sound system in Parish Hall and the Sanctuary.

Picture Slide Shows
Picture slide shows (usually on PowerPoint) can be projected on the large drop down screen in Parish Hall. You will need to bring your own laptop; however, USSB event staff can help with set up. Please arrange a time to test equipment compatibility with the Facility Use Coordinator well BEFORE the day of the memorial.

Music for the service is to be arranged by the family. The sound system in Parish Hall is capable of playing music on mp3 players (including iPods), CDs, and computers. Please have your playlist organized and ready before the day of the service.

Unitarian Society musicians are available upon request and by private financial arrangement. Use of our Sanctuary’s piano is by special arrangement and requires a fee of $100.

Memorial Brochure
The memorial Brochure is the responsibility of the family. Unitarian Society Staff will provide samples upon request.

The obituary is the responsibility of the family. Unitarian Society Staff will arrange for Order of Service and Newsletter announcement for active or recent members.

Memorial Flowers
Memorial Flowers are the responsibility of the family, unless other arrangements are made. Saturday memorials will need to make arrangements with the Facility Use Coordinator to leave flowers for Sunday worship service. Delivery time for flowers should be arranged by the florist with Unitarian Society office.

To arrange flower deliveries, please contact the USSB Office Manager: (805) 965-4583 x224.

Memorial Reception
Memorial receptions are the responsibility of the family and are typically held in Parish Hall (110 seats) and/or the adjacent Parish Courtyard (Up to 200). Family has the responsibility for the following:
a. Paper goods
b. Table cloths
c. Food and drinks
d. All serving platters, dinnerware, cups, utensils, etc.
e. Cleanup of all food, drinks, and kitchen

Food and Drinks
Food and drinks must be arranged by the family. The refrigerator, freezer, and oven are available for storing or warming food and must be cleaned after use. Punch bowls, wine or containers filled with ice for beverages may only be set up and served in the Parish Hall Courtyard.

Caterers can only set up for the memorial service within the 4 hour time frame of your reservation. (If you would like to rent our facility for additional time, that can be arranged by contacting the Facility Use Coordinator.)

Complimentary Coffee & Tea Service (up to 150 guests)
Complimentary coffee and tea is provided by the Unitarian Society Event Staff. This includes:
• Caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee
• Tea, sugar, stir sticks (please provide your own cream)
• 2 pitchers of water

Setting Up, Tearing Down, & Recruiting a Cleaning Crew
Family is responsible for arranging for the setting up and taking down of tables and chairs inside Parish Hall. (If you want to setup tables and chairs in Parish Courtyard, please see “Outdoor Setups” below. In addition, the family is responsible for arranging & preparing food, cleaning the kitchen after use, and washing any dishes.

Please plan ahead to make arrangements with family and friends to ensure the clean-up process is smooth and easy! If you would prefer to hire a cleaning company, please contact the Facility Use Coordinator for some recommendations.

Tables & Chairs
The Unitarian Society provides:
• Eight, 6’ banquet tables
• 100 chairs (indoor use only)
• Please Note: these complimentary tables & chairs must be setup and taken down by family and friends
• 2 medium-sized octagonal wood tables
• 3 large rectangular wood tables
• We do not provide linens, but all of these tables should be covered.

Outdoor Setups
If you want to have your tables and chairs setup outdoors, please contact the Facility Use Coordinator as there are extra fees for an outdoor setup. If you rent these items from USSB, we will also provide the setup and take down of the tables and chairs.

If the family prefers a different set up for the Memorial Reception please confirm or specify modifications by contacting the USSB Facility Use Coordinator.

Questions or Reservations

If you have any other questions, or would like to reserve a date for a Service, please contact our Facility Use Coordinator at or at (805) 965-4583.

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