More Than Sex Ed Summer Day Camp


Summer Day-Camp

The Society will host a week long human sexuality day camp for middle school youth from August 13 to August 17, from 10:00-4:00. This is the same award winning, comprehensive Our Whole Lives curriculum reworked into a convenient day camp. No need for weekly classes for months and months!

Think back to your own experience with sex-ed. Did you get the comprehensive factual sexual education you needed? Did you have the space and time to think through your own values regarding your own sexuality? Did you worry that you weren’t normal?

Now imagine what it’s like when teens and tweens are engaged in a series of sexual health workshops with their peers and can express their identities, hopes, confusion, and concerns together. They can ask calm, supportive, trained adult facilitators anything about the perplexing topic of human sexuality, and count on getting an honest fact-based answer.

Imagine a place where diversity is embraced as natural and healthy, where everyone learns to respect their own bodies, and where everyone understands the importance of consent and practices healthy communication.

Why, that’s our More Than Sex Ed Summer Day Camp!

More Than Sex Ed, a Los Angeles based education non-profit will partner with The Society to offer the day camp. Constructed from the popular Our Whole Lives, an award winning human sexuality curricula, More Than Sex Ed Camp is based upon the understanding that human sexuality is diverse and complex. It’s also an essential and positive aspect of our humanity.

The camp provides a comprehensive, inclusive, and fact-based understanding of human sexuality and gives students the tools to address many negative sexual attitudes, behaviors, and consequences in our culture such as homophobia, misogyny, sexual harassment, sexual assault, bullying, gender bias, as well as STIs and unintended pregnancy.

The class is open to our USSB middle school youth, ages 13-15 and to the community. The program is offered on a donation basis to USSB members. The cost for non-members is $300.

Our Facilitator

Emmalinda MacLean, Co-Founder, Program Director, and Lead Facilitator.

Emmalinda  is a proud graduate of this human sexuality program, which she attended as a 7th grader, and to which she credits the many healthy, caring, responsible, fulfilling relationships she’s had since.  She is now a religious educator and trained facilitator for grades More Than Sex Ed, K-12, and has taught hundreds of students comprehensive sexual health classes over the past six years.  She holds a BA from UCLA.

• For the day camp brochure and syllabus, click here.
• To sign up, click here.


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