Play’s the Thing

“Play’s the Thing”

By Rev. Caitlin S. Cotter | July 23, 2017

When was the last time you saw a live theater performance? For some of us that may be a painful question, given the price of tickets in this town. But I hope everyone has had some opportunity to see a play of some sort in person – a free Shakespeare in the park, a high school production of a musical, a kid’s performance of some sort.

Even more than that, I hope you’ve had the chance to be part of making such a performance happen – to speak a few lines or swish some paint across a set or aim a spotlight at a stage. I hope you have gotten to know something of the anticipation, the immediacy, the camaraderie, the frustrations and joys and general intensity of live theater…. And I hope you’ve had the chance to feel, if only for an instant, the magic that can happen with live theater. Because it’s undeniable that very often a magic happens. A magic that has something to do with a connection between the people in the seats and the people on the stage, between the people on the stage and those who direct and manage them, between the members of the tech team and the designers and all the rest of the people involved. Something happens, with the decisions and choices made, the physical objects and costumes gathered, the movements and the music, the scripts and the green room snacks and the glare of the lights.

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