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Friday, December 7, from 5:30 to  7:30 p.m. in Parish Hall

Grab your kids, your grand kids, your neighbor (and their kids) and your BEST Christmas sweater and join us for a fun evening of live music, food, games and an appearance by Santa Claus! Do you have friends you’ve been meaning to introduce to USSB? This would be a perfect time. Sign up on Realm or send an email to

Children and Youth Religious Education

CRE This Week

This Sunday, November 25, is our final week exploring the theme of Memory.

9:15 Classes – Blake Building

• Preschool: Starr King – CRE Teacher, Janey Madlani, will help the children find something in the Wonder Box that will help them think about the “value” of things. What is better a hug or a toy?
• Younger Elementary: Classroom D – CRE Teacher, Alaina Hayes will lead the children in a discussion remembering the reasons for Thanksgiving. What do we eat? Why do we celebrate?
• Third to Fifth Grade: Classroom C –CRE Teacher, Christina Boardman will introduce the children to many of our Unitarian Universalist heroes that may have been lost to history. Who knows who Joseph Jordan was?
• Middle School: The group will begin their unit on Christianity. Led by Nate Rich.

11:15 Class – Jefferson Hall and Starr King

• Preschool: Starr King – Janey Madlani.
• Kinder to Fifth Grades: Starr King– Free play led by teachers Alaina Hayes and Christian Boardman.

12:30 – NO YRUU Youth Group today.

The Sweet Spot

On Sunday, April 22, forty members of the Society spent a morning and an afternoon with Unitarian Universalist Association consultant Rev. Sarah Gibbs-Millspaugh to answer the following questions:

  • How can the Society create a place where people of all ages thrive in a beautiful and heartbreaking world?
  • Where do the strength of this congregation and the heartbreak of the world intersect?
  • What is our vision for a religious education program that builds upon these strengths?

We were new parents and grandparents. We were singles and large families. And we were together to create a vision for an inclusive multigenerational faith community.

And darn! We had some pretty phenomenal ideas!

First we used the Society’s Mission Statement and Ends, those objectives that guide our actions, as a starting point.

Then we brainstormed the ills of our society – racism, isolation, consumerism, gender bias, alternative facts to name a few. But we didn’t stop there. We were dreamers!

We brainstormed the antidotes to those ills – community, authenticity, compassion, integrity, mindfulness, generosity, gratitude… and much more.

And then we went on to identify the Sweet Spot, the place where the Society’s assets, and the joy of belonging, come together to nourish people of all ages.

THAT is where the magic happened.

Working in small groups and as a whole, Sarah guided us toward the creation of Actions to Move Us Toward Our Vision. They are:

  1. Create intentional families from the multigenerational wealth of our society.

It’s hard to raise a family in high- cost Santa Barbara. Many of us don’t have extended family here and our friends are moving away. We love that the Society will always be here for us. 

  1. Do social justice work together as families and as a larger church community.

We want to do social justice work grounded in spirituality. Help us weave social justice regularly into family events.

  1. Worship together, regularly, as a whole community.

We want multigenerational worship that includes children and youth. We want children and youth right there up on the dais, as worship associates. Worship is religious education.

  1. Pass our beloved Unitarian Principles to the next generation.

Ours is a faith that is guided by seven principles that have emerged over the years. We want our children to know and honor them.

  1. We love how music can transform us … and so do our children!

Let’s utilize the deep talent that we have here at the society.

  1. We are here because we want to be together.

We want engagement across the generations. Let’s start with the strength of the auction and design other multigenerational events (camping!) to create and strengthen Beloved Community. Children are natural guides to wonder. Grandparents have wisdom to share.

It was an AWESOME day. And a productive one. We came away ready (and willing!) to make this an intentional multigenerational community that teaches our Unitarian Universalist faith and supports ALL as we grow within it.

It’s not too late to comment or to jump on board.

Got a comment?  An idea to make our vision a reality? Email Sara Sautter.


  • Support each other in life and life’s transitions with loving care, joy, celebration and gratitude.
  • Care for the earth and its rich web of life for current and future generations.


  • Experience the transcendent that opens us to deep connection and life’s mystery.
  • Cultivate spiritual practices and engage in lifelong learning, utilizing our hearts and minds.


  • Shift the larger culture toward justice and compassion through bold individual and congregational endeavors.
  • Welcome and connect with people across differences of ethnicity, class, sexual identity, religion, politics and education.

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