Secret Pals Comes to USSB this Summer!

Open to children aged four to twelve, this fellowship program helps adults and children have fun and “make a new pal.”

At our Religious Education workshop in the spring of 2018, congregants reported they wanted to “create intentional families from the multigenerational wealth of our congregation.” In other words, you want to bring kids and adults together more often and have more fun with each other.

Secret Pals will bring do just that . . . and include ice cream! Win-win.

On Sunday, May 12, we will (secretly) match a participating adult with a participating child. Then, over the course of the next few weeks, the adult will send cards, notes, riddles, and other clues in the mail that hint at who that adult might be.
The fun culminates on Sunday, June 9 at coffee hour when the identity of the Secret Pal is revealed at an ice cream social in Parish Hall.

Children between the ages of four and twelve who wish to participate in the program will need to sign up in order to have a Pal assigned. You can print out and return the coupon below by May 12 and place it in Sara’s mail box outside of the RE office. Or you may put all the information into an email and send it to

Adults (with at least a six month history at USSB) who wish to participate (you are gonna want to do this, it’s a super fun program!) should send an email to Sara at

Secrets, new friends, ice cream, and USSB: now THAT’s a recipe for FUN!

Yes! We want in on the fun! Please enroll us in the Secret Pal program!
Child #1-Name______________________________Age__________ Interests ___________________________________
Child #2-Name______________________________Age__________ Interests ___________________________________
Child #3 – Name_____________________________Age__________ Interests ___________________________________
Parent’s Name _______________________________________________________
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