Sunday, March 19, 2017

“Sanctuary” | Rev. Julia Hamilton

I know people here in Santa Barbara, and in other cities, too, people whose lives are bounded by fear.

Day to day, they live lives much like many of us. They go to work, they go shopping, they create art, they cook dinner, they pursue their dreams for the future. They have kids that they shuttle to all the things that kids these days do – school and sports and music lessons and friend’s houses and what not. They have to pay the rent, or make the mortgage, or buy a new set of tires for the car. They would love to travel abroad for a vacation, see more of the world, but a camping trip by the lake is maybe what they have planned for the summer.

And yet underneath daily life – a life full of the same things that many of us know – there is a layer of uncertainty, a layer of fear that is kept hidden, much of the time, but lately it’s been getting harder and harder to hide.

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