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Sunday, January 6

“A Phoenix from the Flames” | Rev. Julia Hamilton

Sometimes we seek out change and transformation in intentional, proactive ways (yoga retreat, anyone?), but sometimes we are pushed through fire and flood, and must find meaning on the other side. This Sunday is our annual Burning Bowl service—one year after the Thomas Fire and debris flow. In our ritual this year, let us honor moments of unwilling change and scatter the ashes of the past so that we can move forward into the possibilities waiting for us in the new year.

Sunday, January 13

“In Praise of the Impossible” | Rev. Julia Hamilton

“Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!” the Red Queen proclaimed to Alice during her adventures in  Wonderland. But if we are seekers of truth, what can we possibly gain from believing in impossible things? Why spend time with the improbable, implausible, or unlikely?

Sunday, January 20

“A Religion of Risk” | Rev. Julia Hamilton

On this Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, let us reflect on what it means to take risks in order to bring about the possibility of change.

Sunday, January 27

“The Third Self: A Hunger for Eternity” |  Rev. Julia Hamilton

“Certainly there is within each of us a self that is neither a child, nor a servant of the hours. It is a third self, occasional in some of us, tyrant in others. This self is out of love with the ordinary; it is out of love with time. It has a hunger for eternity.” — Mary Oliver

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