Stepping Out


“Stepping Out”

REV. Julia Hamilton

I am a big fan of mindfulness. Mindfulness — the practice of being here, now. Of experiencing, without judgment, the world as it is right in front of you. Breathing. Being. It’s part of what we do together here each week, learning to be present to our lives in a fuller way. Learning to make meaning out of the moment in which we are living.

But there is a trap embedded in too much here-and-now. It can, if we are not careful, remove us from a sense of connection and continuity with our past, it can keep our vision from expanding with the possibilities of the future. This is, I think, a misapplication of mindfulness — it’s more like a version of small-mindedness that comes from disconnecting mindfulness and turning it into a simple tool, rather than a spiritual practice. This hit me when I saw an article on Forbes magazine this past June about how practicing mindfulness “is the key to performing at your peak.” As if that was the goal of life — peak performance. Mindfulness as a productivity tool for the workplace is all the rage right now.

This all came up because I have recently been inspired by events from the past, and I am working to understand the relationship between our past, our present and our future, a relationship that lives within each of us, as well as in our society at large. This is part of a two part series, it seems. Rev. Caitlin preached last week about the beauty of the rainbow, and the possibilities that beautiful diversity holds for us going forward. Today I’m pausing to take a look back.

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