Sun in Drag

“Sun in Drag”

By Rev. Caitlin S. Cotter | June 18, 2017

Last month I talked about how our American Unitarian Heritage is steeped in a deep love and respect for learning and education, how Unitarians have historically believed that people are good and can be even better. I mentioned in passing that we also have a strong tradition of contemplating the nature of the divine, the question of what God looks like, and what the point of religion is anyway.

William Ellery Channing, known as the “father of American Unitarianism” said in an address in 1828, “I affirm, and would maintain, that true religion consists in proposing, as our great end, a growing likeness to the Supreme Being. Its noblest influence consists in making us more and more partakers of the Divinity. For this it is to be preached. Religious instruction should aim chiefly to turn men’s aspirations and efforts to that perfection of the soul, which constitutes it a bright image of God.”

The “bright image of God” he refers to here is something those listening to him would already have been familiar with—He made it pretty clear in his 1819 Baltimore Sermon what God looks like to him.

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