Sustaining the Good Life

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sustaining the Good Life

Rev. Julia Hamilton

I learned two new words this week: chrematistics and oikonomia. They are ancient Greek words, and ancient Greek words are always juicy to say. Aristotle uses these words in his famous writings on politics. Lest you think that I spend all my time reading Aristotle in the original Greek, let me correct you of that notion. These words and their origin were referenced in a book I have been reading by the Unitarian Universalist minister Michael Schuler, a book about the good life, what it means and how to sustain it.

It’s a big topic, “The Good Life”. In many ways, that’s what we are all here every Sunday to figure out. What is this thing called “life”, this mystery and miracle, that we are a part of? What do we mean by good? How do we connect the fact of our living to the hope of our goodness? It is a quality that we hope to imbue into our life. This discernment has always been one of the fundamental tasks of religion.

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