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The Beauty of Non-Binary

Sunday, June 21, 2015 the Beauty of Non-Binary Rev. Julia Hamilton Language is a tricky thing, isn’t it? I spend a lot of my day immersed in words; the words of books and sermons and poetry, words ancient and modern; words we say to one another when it matters most; words that hurt or heal us in… Read more »

The Transient and the Permanent

Sunday, February 22, 2015: The Transient and the Permanent: Heritage Sunday Rev. Julia Hamilton This Sunday, we honor the membership of this congregation, recognizing all the years of love and service that you have invested in the Unitarian Society. What endures, and what changes over time? Who are “we” and how do we expand that circle while… Read more »

The Sabbath of Song

Sunday, Februay 1, 2015: The Sabbath of Song Special guests Cantor Mark Childs and the B’nai B’rith Choir After the Egyptian army had been lost in the sea, Moses stopped and led his people in song, and the prophet Miriam danced. In a world of trouble, why take time to stop and sing and dance?… Read more »

We Don’t Get to Choose Our Moment

January 25, 2015: We Don’t Get to Choose Our Moment Rev. Julia Hamilton “Life happens, history comes knocking, things fall apart.  We don’t always have control over the moment. Courage is not the answer – it is a starting point, a willingness to find out who we are when Life calls on us. How do we… Read more »