USSB is Hiring!

We have created a new half-time staff position here at USSB: The Director of Congregational Life. They will support membership, small groups (like Connection Circles, Book Group, and Science Night), and outreach and communications (social media and other forms of engagement with the wider community). This staff position will fill some of the program areas that were in the portfolio of the Assistant Minister, to help keep this congregation connected and vibrant.

Do you know someone who you might encourage to apply? We are looking for someone who brings people together, who will inspire newcomers as well as members to participate in the life of the congregation. This is a position for an excellent communicator, an effective program organizer, and a collaborative leader. The applicant does not have to be a Unitarian Universalist, but they do need to support and promote the principles of Unitarian Universalism and believe that the Unitarian Society has a positive impact on people’s lives and on the wider community of Santa Barbara and the world. You can contact Erin Wilson for more details about the application process. Please spread the word—Santa Barbara is a small town and word-of-mouth is the best way for us to advertise this position. We hope to hire someone to start by August 1.