WEF Grant Opens January 20

A new year means a new grant opportunity is about to launch. Applications will open on Sunday, January 20 for any woman in the congregation with a project to help women and girls. Get your thinking caps on now. You can also talk with a member of the 2019 Selection Committee or the Mentoring Committee to get help with an idea for a project for 2019. Your project might just be the winning one! Contact members directly or email Rachel at rbaarons@yahoo.com to be referred to a committee member.

2019 Selection Committee:

Rachel Aarons, Nancy Edmundson, Suzanne Fairly, Kate Mead, Melinda Staveley, Dorothy Warnock

Mentoring Committee:

Rachel Aarons, Charla Bregante, Ellen Broidy, Catherine Callahan, Suzanne Fairly, Sally Hamilton